What Do I Do Now?

It sucks when you don’t know what you want to do.

You’re talented.
You’re gifted.
You know you have a lot to give. And, you want to make a difference. You just can’t figure out how. And, now you find yourself spinning your wheels, wasting time.

You’ve made your mark in the past. Maybe you’ve been a successful marketing executive, leading product marketing campaigns that have made your company a lot of money, but you’ve been there, done that and want to use your abilities to make a bigger impact.

Or maybe you have been an award-winning copywriter who has created advertising campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, but the work doesn’t feel meaningful and you long to use your writing abilities to make a difference.

Or maybe you are known for your ability to lead teams to achieve results, except that you’ve been doing it within a company and now you long to do this work for yourself, on your terms, instead of reporting to corporate.

Or maybe you had a pretty high-powered career, but you took some time off to raise your children and now you want to get back into the job market...but on your terms and in line with who you’ve become.

Or, whatever. Whatever your individual situation might be.

The point is that you are ready to do work on your terms, to make a bigger impact and to do something that feels meaningful, except you haven’t a clue how to go about it.

This is where I can help.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE: What do you enjoy doing? What kinds of things come so easily to you that when you do them, it doesn’t feel like work? What are you really good at? (Sorry English majors for the dangling participle!) What is fun for you? What are your talents? What are you known for? What sets you apart from other people who do what you do? How can you weave your skills and experiences together with these talents to make a bold proposition for the marketplace?

FIND WHAT MATTERS TO YOU: Work won’t be meaningful unless you can link what you love with what you believe in. You must define for yourself what matters to you. In what do you believe deeply? Here’s an example: one of my clients believes very deeply that everyone has the right to eat healthy food, regardless of socio-economic background. And, so he made a decision to contribute his talents to a company that specializes in distributing healthy foods. I believe that everyone has been given a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities and that our “job” is to discover that set of gifts so that we can make our unique contribution to the world and be well-paid. Everything I do is aligned with that philosophy. So, what is yours?

When you are able contribute your gifts and talents to support what matters to you, work becomes fulfilling and you will be unstoppable.

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