Not Your Father's Work

Your work is not the work of your father, your mother, your grandparents or your great-grandparents.

Your work is your work. Your choice.

You get to decide what work means to you and the role you want it to play in your life.

Is it simply the means by which you can generate a paycheck to pay the bills until you die? Or can it be something else? Something more?

We are told that work is necessary. Work is what you do if you want to be a successful, responsible adult. We are advised to work hard in school, in college, in our jobs, in our careers. Hard work is a virtue, but does work have to be hard?

If you look up work in the dictionary, you’ll see that the first couple of definitions are “labor,” “drudgery,” and “toil.” Gee…not very inspiring.

Why can’t work be fun? Why can’t it be inspiring? Why can’t you expect it to be fulfilling? You can.

You get to decide what you want your work to mean to you. Will it simply be the means by which you make a living? Or do you want more?

Here are some thoughts:

Work is the means by which you get to contribute your talents to the world.
Work is a creative act.
Work is a way to learn, grow and develop as an individual.
Work allows you to hone your skills.
Work offers you a significant way to engage with the world, to be a part of it.
Work enables you to receive value in exchange for the value you provide.
Work is fun!
Work is inspirational.
Work is how you find meaning, or contribute something meaningful.
Work is the way you fulfill your purpose and your potential.
Work is a form of self-fulfillment.
Work is how you serve God (Spirit, the universe, or whatever you worship).
Work is a spiritual act.
“Work is an excuse adults made to play with one another.” – Silver Rose

What does work mean to you and what role does it play in your life? Your answer will define your career choices and your work journey. You are not defined by your past. You get to decide.

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