Create Meaningful Work: The Hidden Step

I am adding a step to my 8 Pillar System. It was always implied, but now I see that it is THE pivotal, transitional step that takes you from the Discovery Phase to the Implementation Phase …effortlessly and gracefully.

Here are the components of the Discovery Phase:

1) Understand the Job Market – and Your Place In It

2) Discover Your Talents, Gifts and Abilities

3) Leverage Your Unique Value Proposition

4) Know Your WHY

STEP 5. Determine Who Needs You (*NEW*)

Up to this point, you have figured out what you have to offer the marketplace. But, before you can figure out how to talk about and sell yourself, you need to think deeply about who needs what you have.
What problem do you solve? Who has that problem? Who has a need that you can help to fill? Can you create something new for someone?

This is where you look at where you can make the biggest impact with your value offering. It is the linchpin.

Do you have something to offer your former company? The competition? You don’t have to stay in the same industry. 

Can you make the biggest impact working at a start up? A mature start up? A large corporation? A midsize company? Do you need to approach an individual, a team, a founder of a new company? Who needs what you have and where can you go?

The reason this step is so important is that it informs everything else that follows. It will help you decide how you position yourself in the marketplace. What language do you use? How can you talk about yourself in a way that others will understand how you can help them? It gives you a FOCUS to help you with the implementation stage that follows.

Here are the components of the Implementation Phase:

6) Tell Your Story

7) Choose Your Work: Role, Project or Venture

8) Create Financial Anchors

9) Educate Your Market / Enroll Others In Your Vision

So, you see the importance of Step #5? It ushers you into the implementation stage. Get this right and the rest will follow. Step #5 will make it so easy for you to tell your story (to the right people and companies), to choose your work, and to get out there in a BIG way so that you won’t be a best-kept secret.

Need help? Just reach out to me for a STRATEGY SESSION to explore how I can help you create the work of your dreams.

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