Leave Pressure and Get in the Flow

I have taken time out this summer to reflect and refresh.

And, the most surprising thing is that I have been more productive, creative, and gotten more accomplished than if I had been working consistently to produce under pressure and within deadlines.

What have I done? I have written:
- blog posts
- articles
- new version of old book
- a manifesto
- new keynote speech

These pieces would have taken me forever, if I had to grind them out. 

Instead, I just followed "my flow." What is "flow?" It is following what your inner voice tells you to do. Flow is following what seems fun, inspiring and creative. It's listening to that voice within.

What is it about stepping back and allowing yourself to just get in the flow?

Without the pressure of "I have to get it done," my creativity spigot opened and ideas have just come gushing out.

Tuesday, for example: here is a picture of my dog Pasha on our forest walk. 

We walked through the woods, just the two of us, over bridges and next to waterfalls; - it was so beautiful. All of a sudden, I felt very inspired. I began to give a keynote speech out loud, one that I had been mapping out over a period of time. The ideas were flowing, I saw the talk so clearly - and when I came home, I wrote it down. Done! 

Of course, it's important to have strategy, tactics, goals and deadlines. But, sometimes giving yourself more space to stay in your "flow" will enable you to do more, to be more productive than if you pushed yourself to complete it. Especially under pressure.

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