Video Letters: 10 Ways to Rock the Video Letter

Did you know that some hiring companies only want to see…video letters?

What is a video letter? It’s a video of you, talking to the company about why you are applying to them for the job.

If you approach the video like a traditional cover letter, you will not be successful. Can you imagine reading your typical cover letter on a video? That would be hilarious. It would sound so formal. (You might want to try it just to see how funny it is. Plus, you get the added benefit of seeing yourself on video.)

The video letter is different. Why? Because in addition to talking about what you can do, the value you will provide, you need to showcase WHO YOU ARE. Showcase your personality. They want to see YOU, not just hear about what you can do for them professionally. Make it entertaining, while appropriate.

Here are some guidelines to use when shooting your video letter:
(HINT: it’s easier if you script out what you want to say)

  1. Introduction: Start by sharing your name and the job/role for which you are applying. Make it easy for the viewer. Be pleasant and make it fun to watch.
  2. Get personal: The whole purpose of a video letter is to get an idea of what kind of person you are. Who are you? The hiring company – and team – wants to know who you are and whether you are the kind of person they want to spend 8 – 10 hours a day with. So include some details outside your professional world. Think about your Twitter profile. It isn’t just about business. Be real and authentic. And, cool to be around.
  3. SMILE: Look into the camera and SMILE. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’ll want to look your best, but really the key is to relax and SMILE. It’s just awkward if you don’t. And, easier for you if you do. Have fun!
  4. Make the case for what you can do for the viewer and offer proof of where you have done it before. Talk about the results you have brought. Tell stories. Stories will enable people to connect emotionally with you, and they will either resonate with you…or not. Create connection by offering specific details. Tell the story about where you used your talent successfully…where you saved the day, fixed the problem, landed the client.
  5. Be specific: Don’t just describe what you can do. Give details. When you are telling your showcase story, make sure you include a lot of details. As a viewer, I want to be able to imagine being there with you, right in the middle of the story.
  6. Make the case for why the viewer should care about what you do, why it matters to them, and why they would want you to be a part of their team.
  7. Tell them what you love about the company. Make sure you know about the company and be real when it comes to why you want to work there.
  8. Explain why you are excited by this job/role/project opportunity, and specifically state what they will get if they hire you.
  9. Attach your resume. Let them know they can find more details about your background in your resume. Make sure it includes proof of your professed “value add,” what you have to add based on what you have done before.
  10. Your call to action: Make sure you close with something like: “Oh and don’t forget to pick up the phone to call. I would love to have the chance to meet you and talk about how I can contribute. Bye, bye.”
Pick up your iPhone, Android and start filming! You can do a fine job with just that. A tripod or selfie stick can make it easier to film. PRACTICE. The more you practice now, the better you will be when it counts. And, have fun with this!

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