Deep Inside…You Know

Deep within the recesses of your mind lies a place of absolute knowing.

- Knowing what you were born to do
- Knowing what makes you happy
- Knowing what lights you up
- Knowing what feels meaningful
- Knowing what makes you come alive
- Knowing what makes you feel significant, like you matter

It is the place of knowing your gift, your talent, your true potential. That place is your gut. And, it is the tiny little voice within that speaks to you, but only when you are able to drop out the world’s noise to tune in.

You know.
And, you can trust that knowing.
And, if you get really quiet, you can hear the little voice and what it has to say to you.

But, we are taught to distrust this voice and to leave this place.

We are told to forget what we feel we were born to do, long to do, yearn to do.

“It’s impractical,” they say.
“You’re just a dreamer,” they say.
“Who do you think you are? You can’t do that!” they say.

And, we listen. We listen to the “wisdom” of our elders, whether they be parents, grandparents, teachers, TV personalities, experts, whoever. So we put the dream on the shelf, rarely, if ever coming back to visit it.

Those who don’t listen the first time around find the voices becoming louder.

“I’m sorry dear, but it’s just impractical. How are you going to make money?”

“What you want to do is unrealistic.”

“It’s just a dream of youth, a dream that vanishes when you grow up.”

“As an adult, you need to live in the real world, the world of responsibilities, the world of full-time jobs, careers, salaries and paychecks.”

So you feel that you need to put those childish dreams away so that you can be part of the real world.

But inside, your tiny voice persists. It wants to be heard.

“Shut your mouth!” you exclaim. “I’m an adult now and I can’t afford to listen to you. I have responsibilities. I have bills. I am part of the real world.”

The voice will not be silent. It will continue to try to be heard. You are either tuning into your little tiny voice within or you are drowning it out. The more you tune it out, the harder it is to hear and the easier it is to forget that you have any voice at all.

This voice will try to get your attention. It speaks to you in the middle of the night when you are alone with your thoughts. Or on a run. Or when you are relaxing alone in the house. When the world around you is silent.

Some people try to drown it out with drugs and alcohol. It’s too hard to feel the pain of the divide between the life you are living and the life you want, between the job you have and the work you want to do. It’s too difficult to feel the pain of not reaching out towards fulfilling your potential. That hurts. You’d rather be numb.

Others try to distract themselves with excuses. “I have to do this work. I have bills to pay.” Or, “my life is so busy I don’t have time to figure things out now. I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time.” But, you never have the time and one day you wake up and realize that 30 years have gone by and you haven’t done what you wanted to do. And, now you don’t even know how to find it.

Dreams languish, but they never disappear. They just lie in wait, waiting for you to bring them to life.

And, the voice within you that will lead you to your dreams never dies. It is always within you, speaking to you.

You just need to trust that you have the right answer for you, no matter what any other expert, advisor or family member has to say about it.

Will you trust that voice and follow it? It’s speaking to you right now.

Shhhhhh…listen…there it is…

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