I just got back from a trip to Peru. We hiked up Machu Picchu and floated down the Amazon. It was amazing...

Traveling gives me a new perspective. On life. On my business. On this blog...

This blog was always intended to be a "work in progress." Not finished. Not perfect. Not set in stone. 

Back to Peru...a couple of things happened there...

I finally read Pamela Slim's book Escape Cubicle Nation. Even though she helps people similar to my peeps, I didn't want to read her book until now. Funny, but I didn't want her ideas to influence my thinking before I put together my process.

It's a great book. I'll write more about it in another post.

Here's what made an impression on me. In her book, Pamela recounts how she she explained her blog to her mom. She told her that a blog was basically like writing a letter. But, instead of writing to the letter to one person, she could share her letter with thousands.

I like the idea of having a blog that is like writing a letter to you.

While I was floating down the Amazon, looking for birds and monkeys, I would periodically get cell phone coverage. During one of these "connected to the grid moments," I saw a tweet from Alexis Grant, Twitterer extraordinare, who tweeted that blog posts were about "a-ha moments."

I also like the idea of sharing "a-ha moments" with you.

So, instead of sharing my expertise through "how to" articles, I'm going to write you little letters and share insights. So much fun. Think of them as love notes. I'm hoping you'll write notes back and share your insights with me. This is an invitation to you to talk to me. Talk soon, OK?

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