When It's Time to Go

I just got an email from a client. She needed to vent.

Last week my client brought in one of the biggest potential clients her firm had ever seen. She was so excited! And, proud...

And, guess who wasn't invited to the first meeting with the company? My client.

She contacted her boss and requested she be present, thinking it must be an oversight. It wasn't.

Her boss told her the management team felt that four people would be too many and that she would have to "stay home." Even though she brought in the lead and had the connection to the company.

Pretty bad, right? Except it got worse...

After the meeting, she was asked to write a thank you note to the client. But, she wasn't there. What the heck did they expect her to say? 

As if there was any question before, now she knows..it's time for her to go. Her company doesn't appreciate her contributions or her talents. Does yours?

If your talents and contributions aren't being recognized, appreciated or compensated, it might be time to move on.

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