What's Getting in the Way?

You know you are not happy at work.

You want to use more of your potential.

You want to do something meaningful.

You want to make more of a contribution. You know you are capable of more.

You know you are not that type of person who is satisfied with doing repetitive work, performing the same tasks over and over again. It’s time to go. And, yet…

You just can’t move forward. No matter what you try, you are not making progress. You are not moving towards the work of your dreams. Frankly, you are stuck.

So, my question to you is: what’s getting in the way?

YOUR MINDSET: Maybe you were told as a child that work is not supposed to be fun, that work is “labor, drudgery and toil” and not to expect more from it. And, if you say you do want more from your work, you were told you were impractical or unrealistic, an idealist or a dreamer. You have been programmed to put up with unhappy situations at work.

Or, maybe you aren’t aware of the amazing changes taking place in today’s world of work. Do you know that now is the best time in history to create work you love? Because if you are not aware and don’t know what’s happening, you won’t be able to see the unique opportunities available today, opportunities that weren’t there for your parents’ generation. The marketplace is breaking down, jobs are disappearing into projects and work is becoming more fluid. There is more opportunity, if you know where to look.

NOT KNOWING THE NEXT STEP: What stops my clients the most is they do not know what they want to do next. They know they don’t like what they are currently doing, and they don’t know what they have of value to offer the marketplace. Most of my clients want to do something meaningful, make a bigger impact or a greater contribution, but they haven’t really defined what that means to them, or how to achieve it.

YOUR FEARS: There are two main fears that stop people: 1) fear of change and 2) fear of losing financial security. Let’s talk about the first one.

Fear of change: One of people’s biggest fears is that they will make a change to find something better, and the new opportunity might turn out to be worse than the work they currently perform. Kind of “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” syndrome. Or, they are afraid of what people will say about them if they make a change and it doesn’t work out. They stay stuck.

Loss of financial security: Among the biggest deterrents to making a change is the fear of losing financial security. (Is a job really secure? Is your paycheck?) This doesn’t have to stop you. Remember that in today’s world of increasing flux and opportunity, there are more ways than ever before to secure your financial freedom, if you know how.

The great news is that resistance points are just hurdles to overcome. Sure, you will need the knowledge and tools to bust through them and keep moving forward towards your dream work. Stick with me. Keep reading these posts.

I would love to hear from you about the biggest obstacle you face…the ONE thing holding you back…from pursuing the work of your dreams. Would you share with me? Just comment below and tell me what you are experiencing. BTW, no judgment here. I’ve experienced every single one of these hurdles myself and I know what it’s like. You are definitely NOT alone.

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