Uplevel Your Mindset: What You Think About Work Matters

What you think about work determines what type of work you will have.

It also forms the foundation for the relationship you will have with your work.
Let me explain…

Recently, I had a conversation with a former client of mine. It was a check-in call. I wanted to know how she was doing as she continued to refine her business model and get closer to the business she wanted to do.

She said to me: “Yesterday, I had a bad day. At the end of the day, I said to myself, 'You did no work today'.”

“And, then I realized…

I spent the entire day working. It just didn’t look like work.

In the morning, I went to the barn and rode my horse. Since part of what I do these days is teach horseback riding at a very high competitive level, I need to stay connected to that work. Riding is how I keep it real.

Then for lunch, I met with the owner of the riding program where I have been teaching. She and I discussed the goals of the program for next year and my involvement in it.

Finally, I took a walk with my dog on the beach. While walking, I strategized about how I could get the training I need to move to the next level of my profession. I also thought of who I knew and how I could leverage my connections to contribute to my industry.

I didn’t think it was work because it didn’t feel like work. This is who I am and what I do and I’m so passionate that it just feels like it’s what I’m meant to do.”

What about you?

What do you think about work? Do you think it has to happen between 9 to 5, five days a week, with weekends off? Or is it more like 60 hour weeks with catch up over the weekend?

Do you need to be working at a place, like an office? If you are not working at an office, but at home or at Starbucks, does it mean you are not working? Does it mean you are not serious?

I want you to think deeply about work. What do you think about work?

Here’s an exercise. Write down the answers to the following questions:
What does work look like to you?
What were you told work needs to look like in order to be work?
Now, what do you want your work to look like in the future?

The clearer about what you want the faster you’ll be able to create it in your life.

And, as always, if you need help, please reach out to me and we’ll set up a strategy session.

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